ONDATRA Pontoon boat. Enjoy fishing!

Reasons for choosing a pontoon boat

  • Foldable design, takes up little space

    (bag-backpack 34"x 24" x 10"), it is convenient to store and transport

  • Solid frame. Tube Diameter: 1"

    Possibility to install convenient rod holders, etc.

  • Easily manageable

    It's easy to move forward, backward or spin around

  • Adjustable backrest

    Your back is resting while on a fishing trip!

  • Pontoons 9' made of modern PVC fabric

    are protected from rupture. Easy to replace if necessary

  • The design allows to pull fish as close as possible


  • Has no bottom

    dirt does not get in tight places between the bottom and the pontoons

  • Does not require special care

Overview of the ONDATRA pontoon boat

The design is simple and understandable

This video demonstrates how you can easily prepare the boat for use. All you have to do is take it out of the bag, unfold the wings of the frame, fix the footrest, adjust the backrest and inflate the pontoons. That's it! Very quick and convenient!

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The boat is reliable and elaborately designed

The pontoons are interconnected by a structural aluminum frame that has undergone special heat treatment improving its strength. The frame is also covered with a protective powder. All the parts of the frame are connected with use of strong welds. All the screw connections (screw-nuts, self-locking nuts, oarlocks studs) are made of stainless steel that ensures their long service life. All the loops are equipped with antifriction oil-filled durable caprolon gaskets. The frame rests on top of the pontoons and is connected to them with fastenings. In case of replacement or repair, the pontoons can be unfastened from the frame. The frame consists of four parts: 1. Central part (The one a PVC fabric seat is fastened to). In its lower part it bears anchor rope choke rings; 2. Wings. This is the part the balloons are connected to, as well as the oarlocks holders. The wings can be folded about their central axis on hinges. 3. Backrest. The backrest is made of PVC fabric stretched on the frame. Angle of the backrest is adjusted with use of straps tucked into self-unlocking buckles. The straps also hold armrests providing additional comfort. 4. Footrest. The footrest provides comfortable feet position and serves for winding the anchor cable and mounting a fish cage

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Now all the most popular accessories are included in the kit of the Ondatra E-class pontoon boat

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  • First of all, I want to thank you for the boat! It’s awesome! I was looking for a small boat and I’m glad I opted to buy Ondatra. Once I got in the seat, I immediately felt it was made for me. And all these «smart guys» who post on different forums are skeptical until they try this pontoon boat themselves. Thanks again to all your team!

  • Fishing with Ondatra is very convenient, everything is handy, it’s comfortable to sit, my back does not get tired. I don’t regret buying Ondatra at all. Now I go fishing more often and without any problems. I’m sure, Ondatra is useful for many spinners, fly-fishers, floaters and many others.

  • Cool! The boat is steered perfectly! Very maneuverable!

  • Last summer we went to the peat quarries and Ondatra perfectly carried all our stuff across the lake. I think the load was about 200 kg and it stood it!

  • I am pleased to know there are such elaborately designed functional boats available!

  • I’m stunned by the elaborate design of the bout! Still can’t come around after this fantastic experience. Keep testing it on and on! Thanks again!


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